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Our Beginnings

The idea for As You Wish Co. came unexpectedly, but my passion for helping others made it impossible to shed it off as just another idea. What started off as a small idea quickly became reality in a matter of a few days. After countless hours of praying, the pieces started falling into place. From the time the first charm sample was shipped to our door, my team and I have never turned back. The day that the first bracelet samples came, tears rolled down my face as I unwrapped the beginning of something that I never thought could come true. The potential that lived within a small box was unfathomably overwhelming. As You Wish Co. had officially begun.

Each bracelet that we sell means more to me than you could ever imagine. Each day, I will strive to make sure that we are doing all that we can to help people not only in our backyard, but across the world. This journey will require more risk, prayers, stress and long nights than anything I've ever committed to, but I hope you see as much of the value in it as I do. 

Thank you for helping me change the world. 




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